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Your Money And Your LifeYour Money And Your Life

In this new release, Mesila presents real-life financial dilemmas and their solutions. Be surprised and encouraged by the advice, suggestions, and solutions provided in this book. Everyone has the potential to be financially stable and independent- and more money isn't necessarily the key!

Price: $23.00
Mesila 12-Point Guide to Financial StabilityMesila 12-Point Guide to Financial Stability

A concise guide outlining the twelve basic attitudes, attributes, and actions that are the building blocks of financial stability.

Price: $5.00
High School Financial Literacy ProgramHigh School Financial Literacy Program

A complete financial education curriculum, including handouts, the Mesila Student Guide to Budgeting and 5 accompanying Power-Point Presentations. The Financial Literacy Program is a complement to the Helen Lee Seminary Program, and is presently being implemented in high schools worldwide.

This cost price curriculum includes the course materials for one student.

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Price: $45.00
The Mesila Guide to Budgeting - USA/Canada EditionThe Mesila Guide to Budgeting - USA/Canada Edition

A practical guide to household budgeting, complete with step by step instructions, frequently asked questions, and do-it-yourself budgeting forms. (USA/Canada Edition)

Price: $8.00
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